Nichol Kola

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Nichol Kola® is a registered trademark used for Soft Drinks and Concentrates For Making the Same and owned by Cp Maryland, Llc (Clement Pappas and Company, Inc.), H.R. Nicholson Company, the. Full trade mark registration details, registered images and more information below.

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nichol kola
Goods and/or Services:

Soft Drinks and Concentrates For Making the Same

Serial Number: 72025503
Registration Number: 0651258
Filing Date: Mar 19, 1957
Last Applicant(s)/
Owner(s) of Record

Cp Maryland, Llc (Clement Pappas and Company, Inc.)

10 North Parsonage Road
Seabrook, Nj 08302-0550 US

H.R. Nicholson Company, the

6320 Oakleaf Avenue
Baltimore, Md 21215 US

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